To provide a safe, secure, and healthy environment primarily for winter season residents 55+ to pursue interests of their choice in an active and affordable community in Texas.


We respect the rights of shareholders and residents of Pine to Palm Resort Park

  • We recognize and value the input and experience of residents and staff.
  • The health and safety of residents, staff and visitors is paramount in all decisions.
  • All renters and guests are encouraged to be a part of the community.
  • Shareholders are given primary consideration in Corporate decisions.
  • Common facilities are accessible to all residents.
  • The Mantex Board of Directors are committed to accountability and transparency.

The cornerstone strength of our Resort Park is a constructive relationship between Mantex Board of Directors, Activity Club Executive, staff and volunteers.

  • We are sensitive to staff and volunteer needs.
  • Directors of Mantex Holding Company Inc, Activity Club Board of Directors and the Park Manager lead by example.
  • All individuals in positions of authority act ethically.

Pine to Palm Resort Park is managed with openness and integrity.

  • The Park Manager follows policy established by Mantex Holding Co. Inc. Board of Directors and is the authority for applying policy to Park operations.
  • Mantex Board of Directors and Staff respond fully and honestly to all concerns of residents.
  • Timely and relevant information will be available to all shareholders
  • Pine to Palm Resort Park exhibits a positive presence in Weslaco, Texas and the wider
  • community by contributing socially and economically
  • Pine to Palm Resort Park is a responsible corporate citizen committed to compliance with Federal, State and County Laws, Regulations and Policies.
  • Green space and eco-friendly measures are respected, encouraged and considered in all decisions.
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